Guideline for Quinceañera Celebration

The Quinceañera celebration is a Hispanic tradition in which one thanks God for the gift of life within the Eucharistic liturgy.

On the day of the celebration, we ask parents, godparents and other youth to receive Holy Communion with her. Therefore, confessions should be done ahead of time and not left to until the last day.
Confessions here at St. Joseph are:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 5:00-6:00pm
Wednesday: 9:00-10:00am
Friday: 5:30-7:00pm

We are asking for an offering of $400.00 for the celebration of the Quinceañera. At the time of booking the date (which must be at least 6 months in advance) we ask for the full amount to be paid in full to reserve the date and time. If the celebration is canceled, the donation is not refundable. You are able to change the date one time only.

The office will not schedule the Quinceañera until the following documents are received: the BAPTISMAL and FIRST COMMUNION CERTIFICATE AND offering of $400.00.

Quinceañera candidate must:
Be baptized in the Catholic Church.
Have received First Communion.
Be enrolled in the Confirmation program at the time of celebration.
Participate in Mass and receive Holy Communion every Sunday.
Go to confession before date of Quinceañera Mass.

You can choose the language of the Mass; Spanish, English, bilingual (readings & Liturgy in Spanish but Homily in English directed to Quinceañera girl.

You can choose the language of the Mass; Spanish, English, bilingual (readings & Liturgy in Spanish but Homily in English directed to Quinceañera girl.

You must arrive half an hour before Mass to rehearse the entrance to Church.

Do not take any decorations down from the Church.
Pew bows are permitted but they must be attached with ribbons or rubber bands only. Tape, staples, thumb tacks or glass decorations are forbidden.

A choir is not included in the Mass donation. You are responsible for getting own choir and paying for it. We’ll give you a list of the Church’s authorized choirs.
Mariachi bands are not allowed

The church is a place of praise and adoration before and after Mass. The use of photo cameras and video recorders are permitted when not interfering with the Liturgy as a distraction to the participants. Only one photographer and videographer is allowed and he/she will be the only one taking pictures. Friends and Family members are not allowed to take any pictures during Mass.

Photographer/Videographer Guidelines:
The use of cameras, flash and videotaping is allowed to the extent that they do not interfere in the Liturgy or become a distraction to people. No photographer is permitted within the sanctuary (the elevated area around the altar and ambo). They may take a position in the area near the piano or near the flags. Photos may be taken in the aisles as long as they don not impede the natural flow of the ceremony. The Quinceañera girl and group will have 20-30 minutes to take pictures after Mass. Studio equipment, such as screens, umbrellas and special lighting are not permitted in any area of the Church building.

It is your responsibility to leave the church and church entrance clean.
Do not leave boxes, bows, ribbon, flowers, decorations, etc.
You may ask a family member to help out with this task.

Quinceañera candidates dress as well as the clothing of all her court (parents, sponsors, damas, y chambelanes) must be Church appropriate.
If any dress is low cut, off the shoulders, strapless or spaghetti straps, the person wearing it must cover with a non-transparent shawl.
The attire can not be see-through.
Dresses must be at a modest length, not too short.
Any member of the escort group that does not respect these requirements can not be part of the group or participate in the Celebration of the Mass.

Other Guidelines and or Restrictions may apply, please call Parish office for more details.