Liturgical Ministries

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Altar Servers
Altar servers must have received their First Holy Communion to serve at our parish. These young people serve at weekend Masses, reconciliation services, and other liturgical celebrations, such as Stations of the Cross. Adults usually serve daily morning Mass. So, this is the one ministry that is open to persons of all ages!

Cantors and Musicians
Cantors serve as the song leaders during the celebration of the eucharist, and, most importantly, proclaim the psalm during Mass. Musicians, both vocalists and instrumentalists are involved in many ways in the liturgical life of our parishes.

Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion
Eucharistic ministers, since the early centuries of the Church, have taken Holy Communion to the sick and other shut-ins. They now join with the presiding priest to help distribute the body and blood of Christ to the assembly. Some of them still serve as ministers to the sick and shut-ins of our community.

Lectors proclaim the readings of the scripture during the celebration of the Mass and read the general intercessions.

Sacristans prepare the books, vessels, and collection bags before Mass. They work together with altar servers, lectors, and eucharistic ministers to make sure Mass goes smoothly. At the end of Mass, they clean up the vessels and sanctuary.

Ushers do much more than just seat people, take up the collection, and stand watch in case of emergency. They are the “open doors” to fellow worshipers; they welcome each new arrival and point them towards Christ.