Sharing the faith with children is critically important. Our program of catechesis offers faith formation to children from Grades 1 to 8; and HS (Confirmation Candidates).
Our entire Faith Formation Program depends on volunteers. All the Catechists are volunteers.
All catechists that are teaching in our yearly programs are encouraged to get certified by the Diocese of Fresno and to attend workshops for their continuing education and spiritual growth. Catechists, who are working with children, also participate in the mandatory diocesan safe environment program.

  • A Catechist is a role model
  • It shows your own family that you value religious education
  • It’s fun
  • You become an active part of your parish
  • Your own faith will come alive
  • Sharing the faith is an honor
  • The best way to learn is to teach

Samuels Warriors

“All baptized persons with disabilities have a right to adequate catechesis and deserve the means to develop a relationship with God.”
-National Directory for Catechesis United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

“We are called to be friends of Jesus” ~Pope Francis

Catechists are people who keep the memory of God alive; they keep it alive in themselves and they are able to revive it in others.
~Pope Francis

St. Joseph Church is looking for Catechists that will be able to teach students with disabilities. Do you work in this field already? St. Josephs needs you!

For more information on becoming a Catechist, please contact:
Sophie Delgado; Director of Religious Education
(209) 826-1512