Devotion of the 46 Rosaries for our Lady of Guadalupe

In preparation for the upcoming celebration in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we begin the 46 rosaries that signify the number of stars in the Blessed Virgin’s mantle. All are invited to join in prayer especially in your neighborhood continuing on the following days at 6:30pm.

Saturday Nov. 25Gabriel Lazaro family2013 Carlucci Ct.
Los Banos , Ca
Sunday Nov. 26Sebastian & Magdalena Ramirez127 Friggs Ct.
Los Banos, Ca
Monday Nov. 27Gabriela Ruelas2245 Canal Farm
Los Banos, Ca
Tuesday Nov. 28Uberto & Elva Lopez639 Skylark Ave.
Los Banos, Ca
Wednesday Nov. 29Javier & Rosita Garcia8589 El Monte Ct.
Dos Palos, Ca
Thursday Nov. 30Jesus & Maria Flores1816 Canyon Ct.
Los Banos, Ca
Friday Dec. 1Jose & Veronica Garcia1106 Oatgrass Way
Los Banos, Ca
Saturday Dec. 2Jesus & Liliana Munoz2239 San Luis St.
Los Banos, Ca